Sean Hannity’s and Rick Scott’s best sheriff friend in big trouble, Carmine Marceno under DOJ and State investigation

The allegations contain felony abuse of a disabled adult, fraud, ADA violations, vehicles and facilities non-compliant with the ADA, assault and battery, attempted murder, torture, with-holding life preserving blood pressure medications and providing prescription medications that are toxic to persons under the sheriff’s care.

Sean Hannity and Carmine Marceno
Rick Scott swearing in his appointee Carmine Marceno

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TO: Florida Attorney General, Florida Governor

Sean Hannity’s and Rick Scott’s best sheriff friend in big trouble – DOJ investigates Marceno

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Sean Hannity's and Rick Scott's best sheriff friend in big trouble - DOJ investigates Marceno

Initiate criminal investigations.

The Department of Justice has launched a civil rights investigation that could take years. There are a multitude of State crimes that can be charged and quickly bring this rogue Lee Sheriff Carmine Marceno to justice and protect the public from his illegal antics. Little time is left to prevent a death at the hands of Lee Sheriff Carmine Marceno (R).

DOJ letter followed by my reply per their request,

Why is this important?

The sheriff has implemented a plan to force elderly disabled Americans to sleep on the floors of his jail, strips citizens and places them in 55 degree cells until they become hypothermic, he has refused to supply ADA accommodations to the disabled, he deliberately takes persons in his care off life saving blood pressure medications, and secretely providing toxins to person’s under his care. Maybe this madman’s idea to fix jail over-crowding, kill them.

Florida Department of Health investigation against Lee Sheriff Carmine Marceno and his staff.

Prosecution phase begins

Affidavit sparking investigations,
Document images at

Lee Sheriff Carmine Marceno Under DOJ and State Investigation

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